Curious about what you can expect during I Light U 2023? 

Bonfire | Front404

Hoog Catharijne – until 21.30 hrs

Many have a positive memory of sitting around the campfire. Bonfire symbolizes this feeling with its warm glow, which grows brighter as more people gather around the light sculpture.

Cozy | Happy Tunnel


for peace| sedemminut

Rijnkade (Marga Klompébrug)

A relaxed walk that subtly turns into a run, at the speed of light. Glowing runners simulate movement as a form of manifesto. The figures are a plea for peace, freedom and art.

Jouw huis mijn huis | Sef peeters


This artwork by Sef Peeters is a remake of the work he made for Centraal Museum. In the summer, the artwork will move to the museum’s inner garden.

Lampounette | TILT


This creation was inspired by the world famous architect’s lamp, now considered an iconic part of our heritage. The name Lampounette is a warm nod to this well-known lamp.

Megatouch | Hakan & Per-olov

Hoog Catharijne (Mediamarkt) – – until 21.30 hrs

A reflection on the fact that music is invisible. Megatouch lets you discover hundreds of sounds, rhythms and animations, giving each sound and melody its own visual expression.

Nothern Light| Hakan & Per-Olov

Hoog Catharijne (Hagenouw) – – until 21.30 hrs

LED tubes that all dance in perfect sync with the music through the speakers. The light ballet is inspired by the mysterious dance of the Aurora, the Northern Lights.

Office Party | Parker Heyl & Michael

Space to create

On my way | Vendel & de Wolf


An apparent tangle of gold-colored steel strands swarm the stairs. The moving lights seem to chase each other. They are on their way, on their way home. It seems like one stream, but everyone goes their own way.

Onderdak | de Vrolijkheid


The work consists of twelve large-scale projections. It is a selection of the many drawings made by teenagers living at the AZC (Asylum Seekers Centre) in Utrecht.

Photon | Koros Design

Hoog catharijne Stadskamer

PHOTON visualizes the basic element of light through a geometric shape. The light art installation visualizes a fictitious floating particle, which is made of 60 textile-covered metal tubes.

Spaces in between | Jon M Armstrong

Jaarbeursplein (vijver)

Just as we search out the sunrise, and are drawn to natural phenomena in urban landscapes, the piece will invite in participants. As you are drawn closer, you are able to interact with the installation.



Flowers and floral ornaments are important elements of Hungarian folk art. Under the Garden is an enlarged light art installation made of flowers that evokes memories of flower gardens.

Façade | Jurjen Alkema


Façade is a visual transformation of one of the tallest buildings in Utrecht. The various three-dimensional architectural elements, differences in scale and perspectives create a playful vision of the building and its surroundings.

#Felicity | o4rb.nl


#FeliCity is an artwork that challenges the impact of social media on human interactions. The three-dimensional hashtag displays short texts, fragments from social media and popular hashtags.

Existing LIGHT ART

Curious about the light art that you can see all year round in the station area of Utrecht? We have listed the works of art for you.

Rebus | Korrie Besems

Beatrix building

This rebus of neon pipes, about 30 meters long, was iconic for years in the Lange nieuwstraat and has left many a passer-by scratching their heads. The rebus is now placed on the rear facade of the Beatrix building.

Sunny CLoud | John Körmeling

Utrecht Centraal | Center Side

Imagine being there | Martin & Inge Riebeek

Rabobank, Croeselaan

Imagine being there… but where exactly? With this work of art, this artist duo wonders ‘what paradise looks like’.

Ik | Jan van Munster

Park Nieuweroord

Somewhere ‘I’ am everything, at home, everywhere, strange, nothing, nowhere.’ The ‘IK’ on the top of the office building Park Nieuweroord is visible from far away.

Burn the village / Feel the Warmth | Nathan Coley


Based on an African saying: ‘If you exclude the young people, they burn the city and warm themselves by the fire.