LIght art


Shadeshifting is an abstract drawing of light, shadow, and color, a representation of the shadow play of an ever-changing city. This installation reflects the rapid transformation of the station area.

EMPTIED City | front 404

The surveillance cameras that project the poem on the wall used to belong to the city of Utrecht and have been transformed in this work from being invisible watchers, to parts of an artwork illuminating a dark corner of the city. 

Island | Jurjen Alkema, Andrea Dröes

THE FRAGMENTS | Sedemminut

UNIVERSUM | sedemminut

The “light orchestra,” consisting of 50 illuminated spheres, truly comes to life in the darkness, showcasing its unique character. With light and reflections on the water, the artist creates a distinct universe that appears different from every direction.

ALL MY COLOURS | Wilhelmusvlug

Dive into a world where colors and sounds merge in the light art installation ‘All my Colours.’ This enchanting experience invites you to explore the richness of the rainbow in a unique way through three different color spectra.


Between the stairs of the Moreelsebrug on the Jaarbeurs side stands a tower of light in scaffolding. The scaffolding serves as a beacon of light symbolizing the city’s transformation: a place under construction. The vertical lines of light collectively form a space and establish a relationship with the immediate surroundings of the artwork.

Shelter | Jaap van den Elzen

The dynamic light art installation “Shelter” guarantees an immersive experience. The cage-like structure strikes a balance between providing protection and confining you. You are invited to enter the installation and engage with the artwork; the light entices you into the cage.

Due to the strong winds this artwork will not be inflated on January 22 and 23.

MEGA VIKI | Viktor Frešo
Mega Viki (feci) by Viktor Frešo is a large, glowing balloon featuring a basic design of eyes and a mouth – a self-deprecating and irreverent work about the artist’s ego. Frešo intended it as his self-portrait, and the resemblance to his facial features is indeed striking.

Permanent LIgHT art

Curious about the light art that you can see all year round in the station area of Utrecht? We have listed the permanent works of art for you.

Rebus| Korrie Besems


This rebus of neon tubes was a defining feature of the Lange Nieuwstraat for years and has puzzled many passers-by. And can now be seen on the rear facade of the Beatrix building.

Sunny CLoud | John Körmeling

Utrecht Centraal, centrumzijde

A recognizable place to meet up and meet each other. The Sunny Cloud at Utrecht Central Station. A cloud full of lights that respond to the rhythm of the local environment.

Imagine being there | Martin & Inge Riebeek

Rabobank, Croeselaan

Ik | Jan van Munster

Park Nieuweroord

Somewhere I am everything, at home, everywhere, strange, nothing, nowhere. You can see the ‘IK’ from afar on the Park Nieuweroord office building.

Burn the village / Feel the Warmth | Nathan Coley


This artwork is based on an African saying.