THE FRAGMENTS – sedemminut

Discover ‘The Fragments’ by Sedemminut, an almost hypnotic journey through shape and light, where simple geometry illustrates the complexity of urban growth. In this installation, rectangular shapes become the building blocks of a visual narrative, delineated by lines that span parts of the space both horizontally and vertically.
These lines of light reveal the structure and movement of the cityscape through a dynamic interplay of appearing and disappearing lines. It’s a constant transformation, just like the city itself is in a continuous state of change. At times, you can perceive The Fragments as windows or as standalone frames providing a view of the surroundings. However, the windows quickly dissolve back into separate lines of light, moving in one or multiple directions like a flock of birds.
Watch as the individual fragments gradually merge into complete rectangles within the context of their environment, where much is straight and angular. The composition and evolution of these separate lines can be seen as an analogy for the transformation of environments. Sometimes you don’t see it, and sometimes you suddenly see the bigger picture.

“The inspiration for The Fragments was the idea of working with the architecture of the surroundings. At the same time, the individual geometric shapes symbolize how society is divided and transforming.”

Artist: sedemminut


The author of many light designs and installations, he went through his journey of light through photography, VJ-ing, concert lighting, theatrical light design and all the way to roxor. He understands light and uses it from the point of view of various professions. He understands its physicality, its purpose, but also its aesthetic value. For his works, light is a “key material” that can shape and bend the intentions of his statement.