All my colours – WILHELMUSVLUG

Dive into a world where colors and sounds merge in the light art installation ‘All my Colours.’ This enchanting experience invites you to explore the richness of the rainbow in a unique way through three different color spectra. Each spectrum challenges you to ponder the relativity of what we consider ‘true.’ Is it possible that multiple observations of the same object can all be true? How reliable is our perception, after all?

Cureated in collaboration with Utrecht-based film composer Han Otten, ‘All my Colours’ brings forth a symphony of light and sound. For each color spectrum, Otten has composed a captivating soundscape that brings the light columns to life in three splendid worlds. 

The rainbow symbolizes diversity and inclusion in our society for many. However, not many people realize that the rainbow, as we perceive it, looks that way only from our human perspective. For instance, dogs don’t see all colors we see. Birds can even perceive more colors than we can and also detect UV. By visualizing how different life forms perceive a rainbow, All my Colours playfully makes you aware of how strongly your worldview is shaped by your own perspective and senses.

“We live in a period of transformation. Urbanization and migration are rapidly changing our living environment. Everyone views this transformation from their own perspective, often without realizing that each perspective also yields a unique worldview, different realities that can all be equally valid.”

Artist: Wilhelmusvlug

The Netherlands

Wilhelmusvlug is a multidisciplinary artist who graduated from the Audiovisual Design department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. With a background in which he grew up as a city child in the countryside and became an adult in the big city as a country boy, it was inevitable that these two contrasting worlds that shaped him would also have an impact on his art. In his perspective, the countryside is associated with daytime, nature, the earthly, but also politics, reality, and his consciousness, while the city represents nighttime, filled with a surreal mix of culture, subculture, sexuality, taboos, and temptation, thus guiding and shaping his subconscious.

As different as the countryside and the big city are, so is his work linked to them. Whether it’s his light art pieces, installations, video art, or monumental sculptures, they all share one thing in common: they are all works created for public spaces that engage in a dialogue with visitors and the environment.