Universum – sedemminut

UNIVERSUM is the latest project by Slovakian light designer sedemminut. The “light orchestra,” consisting of 50 illuminated spheres, truly comes to life in the darkness, showcasing its unique character. With light and reflections on the water, the artist creates a distinct universe that appears different from every direction.

Take a stroll through the city and be enchanted by the rhythm and harmony of the light orchestra, where the movement of light brings the surroundings to life. Combined with reflections on the water, this light art installation adds dynamism to the otherwise stony and almost still environment.

“Universum is like a luminous map that guides us to new possibilities and ways to use and transform the local environment.”

Artist: sedemminut


The author of many light designs and installations, he embarked on his journey of light through photography, VJ-ing, concert lighting, theatrical light design, and all the way to roxor. He understands light and employs it from various professions. He comprehends its physicality, its purpose, and also its aesthetic value. For his works, light is a “key material” that can shape and bend the intentions of his statement.