Various SHORTS – HKU Students

Students from Image and Media Technology – HKU Media have developed various short videos, especially for I Light U 2024. These will be shown during I Light U on the large screen on the facade of Hoog Catharijne.


Anne-Sophie Jongmans – Petal Express

Buying flowers at the bus stop of your own bus line? Hopefully, that will be possible in a few years with eco-buses. This way, we create more space for greenery in Utrecht.

Elvy Bosdam – warped

“I thought it would be fun to play with the warped reflection of the city in the building. Because in the original photo, the reflection seemed to be moving, I decided to make it actually move as well.”

Mar.devrieska.st – Shifting Visions

Change is getting closer and closer, and this shift is captured in the movements of volumetric video. On the feet of passersby, their steps bearing witness to an endless motion, the urban shift is approaching steadily.

Kees Moolenaar – The HKU Garage

My work is based on the garage of HKU Pastoe. It demonstrates how from the outside, it appears to be a very ordinary urban situation, but inside, there is creativity to be found in the form of light!

Sen van der Heide – stroom

This digital artwork showcases fluid particles resembling water, symbolizing the continuous flow of people in Hoog Catharijne. It visually represents the movement of shoppers in a dynamic and impressive manner.

Tim Benschop – Just another Tuesday

A visualization of the sensory overload that a citizen can feel in a metropolis.